Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm SOOO tired.  The little one is on one serious anti sleep bender lately.  

(New moms--Just a forewarning, the no sleep doesn't stop once they become toddlers.)

Since she is being so adamant on being difficult in every way right now I shipped her off to Grandma's.  Now maybe I will get this house packed before the movers get here on Saturday.  


I was thinking about how tired I am and it brought me to a race I watched a few weeks back that I never actually talked about.  One of my sweetest friends decided to go crazy and run a half marathon.  Since she was crazy enough to do it the least I could do was get up and out there to watch it.  Here are a few shots of the race....

These folks also came out to see the end of the race.  They, however, felt clothes weren't necessary.   

(The mister was a wee bit embarrassed by me taking this picture, since they were literally right in front of us.)

Here she comes (in the green headband)!  

In just over 2 hrs!  So proud of you, B!

And I must finish with this dude....

When he was running to the finish line he was taping himself and cheering himself on.  One can only wonder if he did that throughout the whole race.

That would take some serious dedication and talent.

And yes, his ass does say "Asian Persuasion".  

On that note....

Goooooood Night.

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