Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Track & Field

Yesterday was Rhiannon's first and only, (due to the weather) track meet for 6th grade!  All of the girls did SO GREAT and I am such a proud mama!

I promised her father I would tape it, so I did, but before you watch the videos of her rocking the track meet you must first understand a few things:

  • I was juggling a baby on my hip while recording her run.
  • I tend to yell and generally sound really dumb and LOUD when I get excited.
  • Since I was watching her instead of the camera most of the time, there may or may not be a few seconds of ground shots here and there.
  • If you get nauseous easily, this may not be the thing for you to watch.
The girls right before it started.

First Race 100 m dash.....

Second Race 400 m dash.....

Pretty Amazing, Right?????  We were very excited!

Then we came home and Buehrle let the mister know exactly how he felt about him.....

Happy Hump Day, Folks!

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