Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life's a Beach...

Where did the warm weather go?  This weekend was SO beautiful, with it topping out at 91 degrees on Sunday......Where is that warm weather at now?  We took advantage of the heat wave, packed up a cooler, grabbed our Sports Umbrella (best invention ever!  If you are fair skinned, like me, please do yourself a favor and invest in this!  It folds up into a small skinny case that is really easy to carry to anyplace you need extra protection from the sun!) and we had a long day at the beach.

Here are a few things we learned on our all day beach adventure.  

  1. Taking our spastic around other dogs dog to the dog beach is not fun for the human involved.  Especially when I have to run about a mile to catch his stupid arse.  (The mister took him home after that so I wouldn't have to murder him.  I didn't even have to ask him to.  I just walked up with the "look" on my face.)
  2. Our water dog is actually afraid of water, (which makes it easier for us not to feel bad when we go to the beach with out him forever more.)
  3. The closer you put your umbrella to the water the less you will get pelted with sand when the wind picks up.
  4. When mothers put sunscreen on their children, they must also remember to spray themselves!  (OUCH!) 
  5. This pin actually works if you do forget the sunscreen.  (The mister made a lot of fun at my expense while I was doing this.  Who's laughing now, buddy?) 

Even though there were a few snags and uncomfortable moments here and there it was an overall success!  Best part of the day is when we convinced the princess aka Clara that sand and water are fun!  Here are a few shots of the day...

In these two shots we are trying to get the dog and the baby to like the water.......They didn't believe us that it was fun here.... 

 Playing in the sand and "sunbathing"

Being Sassy pant for the camera while taking a lunch break.  These two were in the water the whole time!

 Clara and daddy making sand castles......

Slowly edging to the water......... 

Daddy took a chance and it worked!  About 5 hrs into our day and she was finally all about the water!!!! 

Unfortunately for mommy, the lack of sunscreen had taken its toll, so I retreated back to the shade, where I should have been all along.

Rhiannon thinks this is a horrible picture.  I corrected her by saying this is a horrible accurate picture.  Me cringing from the sun while the mister listens to the ball game on his old man radio and reads the paper......A horribly accurate picture of our beautiful relationship.

And now its back to packing our house up once again! 

Send me some
good packing vibes because I'm needing some help to see the light at the end of this looong tunnel!!!!

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