Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nie Nie did it!

Yesterday the mister and I were exhausted.  He had to go to the office in the wee early of the morning and I had such a bout of insomnia I still wasn't asleep by the time he left.  There fore by the time he came home yesterday afternoon the couch was calling both of our names.  So the mister, baby and I all went down into the family room to watch some really bad TV and rest our bones.  After a bit I realized I hadn't heard the baby playing for a while.  

I bolted up and yelled out "Clara!"  only to hear back a high pitched HE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HE giggle.  


This wasn't just a giggle that meant "Just playing Mama!"  It meant....."Yea!  I'm about to get caught!"

Then she ran in and showed us her masterpiece. 

She had found her sisters sparkling thick oil based make up and painted her entire nose and left cheek.  Since it was an oil based thick makeup (I'm not even sure what "big girls" are supposed to use it for) it was AWESOME trying to wash it all off.  Lets just say her face is VERY shiny with leftover sparkles today.

This morning while Clara and I were starting laundry (such a glamorous life we lead...) I heard her saying... 

"Oh no!  Mama!  Nie nie.  Nie "  

Over and over while pointing to a "painting" she left on the wall last night that I missed.  

Blaming her sister that had been at her fathers house since before the holidays.  

Way to throw your sister under the bus, Clara.  I've never been so proud.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The holidays have come and gone and New years is right around the corner.  This December we have
  •  went to the Zoo Lights 
  • hosted a massive baby shower
  • picked out new ornaments for our christmas tree at the christkindle market 
  • and had a successful Christmas morning with the baby. 
 In the next week and a half we will have two more christmas's to celebrate as well as the new year!!!  It feels like the past three weeks have been like this....partydriving driving project project project party party party driving driving driving project project project etc.

 After the new year I need to focus planning Clara and her two cousins birthday bash and then focus on nothing but WEDDING WEDDING WEDDING!

I have been SO busy and after all these parties I feel like I have become a professional event planner.  


So lets play a little game of "catch up," shall we?

This is one of the only pictures I got of us at the Zoo Lights this year.  I have a pretty amazing video of Clara freaking out over the dancing lights.  If I can figure out how to upload it I will definitely share!

This year the mister and I had a compromise.  We would get a fake tree BUT we would also get real roping so it smelled festive as well as looked it.  This was the first fake tree I ever had and I still don't know how I feel about it.  I always loved going to pick out our tree every year with Rhiannon.  Here the Mister, being such a sweetheart and putting up our holiday roping...

Clara wanted to "help out" with the tree decorating.  Her contribution was orange juice.

Since the tradition of getting a tree every year is now gone, and since we don't have any "nice" ornaments we decided to go to the christkindle market every year and each pick out one ornament.  Here is what we picked this year.....I'll let you guess who picked what!

Every year my mom and dad and all the kids used to make sugar cookies and ice them to their liking.  This year the Mister made his first ever sugar cookie frosting.  These are my two favorite outcomes of the cookie frosting party.  On the right is what was supposed to be Santa.  It instead looks like a zombie alien Jesus.  On the left is Rhiannon's take on how a french man looks. 

These adorable mice were made bu my sister in law.  They were the cutest things I have seen in quite some time!!

 The Mister and I (in his fancy new hat!!)

Right after we celebrated Christmas at my folks house we all jumped into the car and came back to the city as quickly as we could to get ready to host a very important baby shower at our house the next day.  I wish I could have gotten a few pictures of when everybody was here.  I think at one point I had 35 people sitting in my dining/play room!

These are the adorable cupcakes and cake my friend Lori made.  I would like to say that I helped but that would be false.  I tried to help though!  When I was given the job to roll out the fondant, (sounds easy enough, right?)  I rolled it so thin I made a hole in it.

So I got fired from that job.

Then I was told to make the antennae for the big lady bug.  I tried really hard, but it ended up looking like the male anatomy.  

So I fired myself from that job.  

We all have our strengths.  Cake making is NOT mine. 

Rhiannon and the talented cake maker, Lori.

Like I said, I really wish I had some pictures of when all the guests were here, but I was a bit to busy by then to take pictures!

 And finally here is a few pictures of our Christmas eve.......The night that started off so wonderfully!


I hope your holidays were warm and happy!  Everyone have a safe and happy new year as well!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photobombed II

Lately I have been thinking about of lots and lots of things I want to blog about.  However this weekend is my family's christmas and one of my best friends baby shower that I am hosting, so I have been incredibly busy doing non blogging activities.  Actually the only reason I have time to write this out now is because I am waiting for the UPS man to come before I have to run up down and all around the world again.

Here is the other half of Rhiannon's photobomb.  :)

Speaking of bombs, could someone please bomb my head with some toner?  Hello Yellow!

Clara and I playing peek a boo...

The Mister and I showing our undying romantic love.......

Clara not fully understanding you have to hide your face to play peek a boo....

More awesome droplets...

The Photographer


And my absolute favorite.....Phantom Of The Opera!!!!!!

I Hope All of Your Holiday Preparations are Going Smoothly!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I was going to write about our fantastic getting into the holiday season weekend we just had.  However I have come across a great discovery that I think needs to be posted before I get to that.

As some of you may know my camera was stolen in our recent burglary.  My eldest, Rhiannon, has always said she wants to be a photographer when she is grown.  While going on our awesome holiday adventure this weekend she brought her camera along.

Today as I sat down to borrow a few of the shots she took I realized the pictures on her sim card started exactly one year ago!  So here it is..........(There are a lot, this might take a few posts.....)

Life through Rhiannon's Eyes............ 

Little wine, sage and pumpkins...

 Our forever growing cacti collection........

Random Family xmas...

 Party Food
Blizzard day!!!!!

Clara's birthday party madness...

Awesome cold day at the lake.....

A little flame action..... 

A little shadow play.....

Chandelier fun.....

I actually walked in on this one and freaked out.  She now knows it is not safe to put your baby sister in a pedestal sink.  Especially when your baby sister is a chunky monkey.

And lets end today's photobomb with a few pictures of spring...

Sad it ended so soon?  Don't worry, there are 800 more pictures.  I will chose a few more of my favorites for tomorrow.....