Monday, May 21, 2012

♫ Let's Go ♪ Fly A Kite ♫

What a fantastic weekend!  Friday started with and impromptu date night with the Mister, who was being all sorts of romantic (the white sox winning might have something to do with the exceptionally good mood.....), Saturday was my favorite festival of the year and Sunday funday turned into an all day beach extravaganza!

Here are us landlocked folk trying mussels for the first time on Friday.  It was a delicious success!

This Saturday was one of my favorite festivals in Chicago.  The Kite festival!  This is a festival that is all about getting getting outside and enjoying the simple pleasure of, that's right folks, flying kites!

If you live in Chicago and have children, or if you just enjoy simple pleasures of being outside flying or watching other people fly kites this is definitely the place for you!  

Every year up until now I have always went around one p.m.ish.  By that time the entire hill is covered with people all flying kites.  This year the Mister demanded we go right at the start (grumble grumble, to many people..grumble) so we went at 9 am.  I have to admit, the Mister was right.  It was even more fun going this early!  Our good friends even met us there with their little one, which meant I got to have sweet little baby snuggles!!!!!!  

(Clara kept telling daddy that she "wants one of those" while Mama was holding baby Remy.)

It was a wonderful way to start our Saturday.  I was even interviewed by 101.9 fm, and I am sure I sounded very special while being interviewed, holding two children AND keeping Rhiannon's kite up while she was helping our friends with theirs.

(Rhiannon is seriously the kite whisperer.)

Clara was so happy the entire time we were there!

Trying to fly the impossible kite.....

       It's Up!!!!!

I have a feeling there will be a lot more kite flying this summer........

Happy Monday, Folks!


  1. This looks so fun! I am going to have to go next year!