Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This is what happens when you put your husband in charge of buying the household items like paper towels.....

We also have enough toilet paper in storage right now to TP three whole houses.

And he says I'm the ridiculous one.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Breaking In

I was finally able to break in my new kitchen a couple days ago.  Let me tell you, from someone who enjoys cooking and eating homemade healthy meals, not having a kitchen for over a month was just complete and total torture.  There really is not a whole lot of decently priced, healthy, vegetable heavy fast food out there.

Watch out Mister, you think I made you eat to many vegetables before?  

Just you wait until I get back.  

We will be going completely vegetarian for quite some time now.  ;)

Also, we were able to get our little garden going for the year.

This was a huge day for my sanity, I tell you what.

Ready for the garden line-up for this year?  


And coming soon.....Tomatoes.  However this year I can't kill my tomato plant.  The Mister says if I do this year I am not allowed to grow them anymore.  

We'll see about that.

Happy Monday Folks.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beginnings and Ends.

Yesterday was a day full of beginnings and endings.  It was Rhiannon's last day of school.  Summer officially begun for her, however tomorrow I take her down to her dads where she will stay all summer.  It's always strange when she is out of the house for such long periods of time.  We will miss her greatly but know she will enjoy spending time with her other family down south.......Here are a few ways we spent the past two days.....

Rhiannon decided to join the smurfs.....

And gave her baby sister pink streaks to match....

After spending today at a water park we found out they are not washing out of the wee ones hair, either.


Be safe this summer Rhiannon!  We love you very much!!!!

I also had to say goodbye to one of my greatest friends this week.  Although there will now be 1,777 miles separating us always know that you are loved.  You are already missed dearly and  if you ever need me for anything at all I am one quick phone call away.

I love you Mrs. Ritter and I know you will do great things out west!

And with that I am signing off from the world for the next week for a little much needed country relaxation.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. K.

This was supposed to run two days ago, but an emergency trip to the ER + a sick kid has put this post on hold. 

Remember that girl I talked about in the post below?  The one who went crazy and ran a half marathon a while back?  Well she got married this weekend.  She was hands down the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.  It was the most beautiful day you could ever ask for.  I can not wait to see all the amazing pictures that were captured that day!

I can't believe I didn't get a single picture of her and her handsome husband together, but I will share the pics I did manage to snap in between all the fun.

The Mister and I in a very windy trolley.

Mr. and Mrs B!

Mr. and Mrs M!

Mr. and Mrs S!

Mr. and Mrs J!

The soon to be Mr. and Mrs K!

Mr. and Mrs. B!

Mrs. J and Mr. N!

And here are the only two pictures I got of the beautiful bride.

  Seriously?  What kind of friend am I?

The beautiful bride and her equally as beautiful mother on the way to the chapel. 

The Mrs.  

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs K!!!!!!

I also have to give a huge shout out to my baby sister who came and watched my babies for me!

Thanks "Aunt Ewl"!!!