Monday, October 31, 2011

Who's That?

Real Conversation from this Weekend

Rhiannon was flipping through the radio stations while we were on our way to grandmas house this weekend.  She stopped and started singing to Cindi Lauper's girls just wanna have fun.  I looked over at her and gave a little half raised eyebrow/smirk.  The conversation then goes like this...

R:  What?  It's the Goonies!

Me:  This is NOT the Goonies.  It's on the movie.  

R:  Well, same thing Mom.  What, do you not like this song?

Me:  No I like it just fine.  I've just heard it about 5 million times that all.

I then tell her the story of how I sang this song with a few of my friends when I was in high school.  We had kareoke day and me and three other girls dressed up like the spice girls.  However the DJ didn't have spice girls so we instead chose this song and sang it in front of the entire school.  

R:  Who's the Spice Girls?


Then about fifteen minutes later we were listening to Justin Bieber.  (You know you are jealous of this car ride we had.)  About three songs into his album she got really quiet.  I asked her why and got this...

R:  You know mom, I bet someday Justin Bieber is going to grow up and get a deep voice and facial hair. Then nobody's going to care about him anymore.  Then I bet he gets a wife and that nobody likes her either.

You know what kid, I bet you are 100% correct.

Happy Halloween to you all!  Tonight I am going to use the same cloak I do every year and make yet another successful costume out of it!  I will show you it tomorrow.....Until then I hope you have a great day!

(Clara and her very first leaf pile fun!)

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