Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's a Boy!!!!!!!

First off, I would like to apologize for not posting in over two weeks.  It is really hard to keep up a blog when your computer is MIA.

However that is not the only reason I haven't written in a while.  We now have a baby boy!

Now I must tell you,  I hate dogs.  I have always hated dogs.  They jump and slobber and they stink so bad and you have to pick up their poo and they get hair everywhere and I never ever in my wildest dreams think I would own one.

But after our latest robbery the Mister couldn't concentrate at work.  He was worried about us girls.  So his coworker told him to get a dog, and two days later he had picked out the breed he wanted and we were on our way to pick out our puppy.  TWO DAYS!  This came from the man who never has made a rash decision in his whole life!

(I got some negative feedback from a few people during this process.  I was told to "go to the shelter".  My Mister is allergic to animals, so we couldn't just go pick one out.  We had to get a Hypo-allergenic dog.)

He chose an Airedale Terrier.  If we wanted a show dog when he got older he would be groomed to look like this......


However, I doin't think that is attractive AT ALL so he will most likely look like this...

We brought him home on Monday and it has been one of the most trying weeks of my life.  I got more sleep with a newborn then I have with a puppy.  He now likes his kennel and sleeps through the night (woo hooooo!)  He is doing really well at going potty outside.  The Mister wasn't having any problems breathing.  It was all working out wonderfully.

I can't say that I loved him, but I didn't mind him being around. 

Then he started to smell.  Really bad.  So I took him to the groomers and they told me why he was smelly (I'll spare you the details on that, jf you are a dog owner you already know about the dogs glands).  It made me gag a little.  Then the Mister started sneezing.  I found out via text message and told him that if he couldn't live with him we should probably take him back before we get super attached to him.

I got off the phone and looked down and the dog is0 just sitting there looking at me with his huge dumb head cocked to the side and I completely lost my shit.  I was a blubbering crying fool.  I told myself I was being ridiculous and to get it together.  I drank some coffee and calmed down a bit.

Then my mother called.  And I lost my shit again.  (Sorry mom.  Thanks for listening to me sob.) 

That night at dinner we told the girls.  Then Rhiannon and I both lost our shit.  Big time.

Then the breeder called me back and told me groomers like to put dog perfume on the dogs and if you are allergic to dogs you will definitely be allergic to that.  So we washed him and fixed the sneezing problem and were able to keep the dog!

Yesterday was like christmas morning in our house.  I guess that means I love the puppy.

Ladies and Gentleman!  I now proudly introduce you to......... 

Buehrle Bradford!

He likes.....
  • Clara.  A ton.
  • Chewing on Sticks
  • Sleeping on his teddy bear
  • Attacking his hair brush
  • Chasing his ball
  • Riding in the radio flyer with Clara
  • Hanging out with the girls
  • escaping out the fence 
  • destroying my flowerbeds.  (seriously, hea ate all three of my lavender plants and ALL of my impatients)
He dislikes.....

  • being brushed
  • his leash
  • The new fence we put up.

In completely unrelated news, I changed my hair (shocking, I know).  Now Rhiannon and I look even more alike.


  1. Oh my goodness he is adorable! I love airedales! We considered getting one as we wanted-not necessarily needed-a hypoallergenic dog but ended up getting a pomapoo(pomerianian poodle mix) from a shelter (I'm so not judging-we looked at breeders as well) but a puppy (which we said we would never do!) I don't have kids yet but oh man, after getting our puppy I felt like we had brought home a newborn. So much work! Congrats on your new little pupper!

  2. Thanks! Just FYI puppies are more work then babies. So if you have already done the puppy thing you will be golden if you ever want to have babies. :)