Thursday, October 27, 2011

What NOT To Do When You See a Puppy

Being so close to the lake, hospitals and colleges our street is fairly busy and has heavy foot traffic.  All kinds of folks walk by our front yard.  Old, young, big, little, rich and poor, yuppie, hipster, all the different kinds that this city is made up of.

I have noticed that it doesn't matter which of these categories these people fall in, at least every third person who walks by my yard stops, leans OVER my fence, pets my puppy and asks all sorts of questions.

PEOPLE!  I understand the pup is adorable!  That is why I got him!!!!!  But let me make one thing perfectly clear.



And, just so you know, these excuses do not make it okay either.

"Oh, its okay.  I'm a dog lover!" 

"We used to raise dogs."

"I had Airedales growing up!"

"It's okay, I don't mind if he nibbles on my hand a little."

Well guess what Creep, I DO!  The final straw came when my oldest took Buehrle out to play.  I looked outside to check on them after a few minutes.

I saw the CREEPIEST MAN EVER bent completely over the fence and was practically picking the dog up.

When I ran outside (like a bat out of hell) to tell the man to stop I found him trying to ask Rhiannon personal questions.

(Luckily my daughter was smart and just stood there silent.  I taught her "stranger danger" quite well.)

Since I can't install a taller fence (which is 100% needed) I instead went on a hunt for some type of tree or hedge to plant next to the fence to keep people from coming into our personal space.


These were on sale at hd when I went to buy the mums and they would have been perfect!

However, when I went back two days later they were gone.  So I went to this nursery called The Fertile Garden.  I learned two new things.

  1.   If you are looking to buy bushes, trees, hedges etc. NOW is the time.  
  2.  Bushes, trees, hedges are EXPENSIVE AS HELL!  

So I really enjoyed getting mine at 50% off.  The man was very knowledgeable.  I told him my problem and he walked me through everything they had.  I ended up choosing hedges.  Apparently they are quick growing and super low maintenance.   I could only find three.  I wish there were four, but the man at the nursery assured me they would grow 6 inches out and up by the end of winter.

Fence Before (with cutest little dog owner ever!)

Fence right after I finished planting 

Like I said, I wish there were four, but they get to be 8-10 ft in width.  Also, in case you were ever wondering, Those little buggars are heavy!  Now I know it is Thursday, but I get to see my Mama today so to me it is like a Friday 


But before I leave lets have a quick recap of what we learned:

  • It's never okay to enter someone else's yard without permission.  (This includes leaning over their fence)
  • It's never okay to touch someone else's property just because you think its cute (this includes someone else's dog.  I wouldn't come pick your baby up just because I think its cute.  Same thing, folks.)
  • It is never okay in a million years to try and talk to someone else's daughter THAT YOU DON'T KNOW and ask her personal questions.  Especially if you are a man, you CREEP. 

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