Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Out-Halloweening Your Neighbor

While walking around the neighborhood this October I could tell that something BIG was in our future.  One by one each house started putting up bigger and better decorations then the last.  If their neighbor put up more fake spiderwebbing then the other they would go buy 15 more rolls.  The final product was more extravagant then I could ever imagine.  Here are a few examples of what I mean.......

Years and years ago I bought the most beautiful black and red cloak.  It wasn't the smartest purchase at the time since it really isn't socially acceptable to walk around in cloaks in this day in age.  So every year I find different ways to use it for my Halloween costume!  So far it has been used for a goat, vampire, devil and now.....Medusa.  (bwa ha ha)

I first got the idea of becoming Medusa a few months back when I ran into this awesomeness.  This is how the the transformation went.

First, put your hair into different sections.  Put pipe cleaners in each section.  
(Don't put to much hair in each section unless you double up on the pipe cleaner.) 

After you put the pipe cleaners in, braid it with your hair.

(Totally look like coolio here.)

Since I put to much hair in some sections and my "snakes" were a bit saggy I put a thick head wrap around my head to give them more support.

(At this point the Mister still said I looked like Coolio.)

BUT, add some GREEN hair spray, GREEN eyeshadow and RED lipstick....

And then you have yourself Medusa!!!!!

Clara was Minnie Mouse.  She really liked her "makeup"

Rhiannon went as an 80's nerd, although I think she looked more like a plain old hipster.  


After we got home we played in the yard and passed out candy to all the other trick or treaters.  There were about 510.465,243,857 children who came to our house.  There were so many kids we ran out of candy and Rhiannon gave away all the candy she had got from trick or treating that night.

I believe Halloween this year was quite the success!  

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