Monday, July 1, 2013

Country Dogs

I am supposed to be down south right now, but I'm not.

I had been down visiting this past week and it was so fabulous. 
(Until it wasn't.)

While Rhiannon is trapezing around the US with her father and The Mister is working crazy hours in Chicago.....
Clara and I did some serious visiting. 

We were able to catch up with about three different people every day.  I desperately needed that.

This picture is fantastic.  
Her friend is just as sweet and angelic as this picture portrays.  
Clara's little sneer is perfectly matched to her demeanor as well.

 She was able to go to her (best friends!) house .
(Cousin visit!)  

I was able to get away for an adult only night out with my three all time favorite gals in the whole wide world.  

(How did we NOT get a picture of us together? There isn't a single one of the entire night!)

My friend's new "sexy backyard ladies".
I'm so freaking jealous.

I was able to get some family time in.  
It really was fantastic.

But then I got in a car wreck.  

And then I was almost viciously attacked by a pair of dogs. 

I want to get one thing straight, right now. 

Unprovoked attacks does not make a dog territorial.  It makes them a liability.  And when a dog attacks someone who was just trying to knock on your door, you have a serious problem on your hands.

When I was trying to warn the person about how unsafe it was to let their dogs roam free when they are so "territorial" I was told that I was:

 stupid, "soft" from living in the city, AND that it was MY FAULT THEY TRIED TO ATTACK ME.  

I was told that is just how country dogs are and that I need to get over it.  

I was only trying to warn someone of what would happen to them when (because it isn't an if, it is a when) the dogs do this to a random UPS guy.  Or any other delivery person, for that matter.  Or perhaps a friend or family member they just don't know that well. 

If your dog attacks someone on YOUR property, it is your fault.  You will be responsible for that person's medical bills, you will most likely get sued, and if it is bad enough, you can even be charged with  involuntary manslaughter.  The boundaries of these laws don't stop because you live in the country.

As for the dogs, they will be put down.  Which sucks, because it's not the dogs fault they weren't properly trained. 

I don't think I deserved to be made to feel like I did for trying to explain this to someone I love and care about.  

Feelings are a funny thing, especially when they get hurt.

Sorry if we had plans this week.  
I'm a total flake and came running home as soon as the sun came up yesterday.  I did the right thing.  It feels good to be home.

Happy Monday!

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