Monday, July 15, 2013


Well, our apartment has officially been rented and we have a mere 36 days till we close on our house.  
(Where's my brown paper bag?????)  

So, obviously, when we had an opportunity to either start packing the house OR go bet on the ponies.....we chose the latter.

I'm really glad we did, too.  

It was a gorgeous day.

Clara packed a book bag to take along.  
This made The Mister very excited and dubbed pony day as 
"Daddy School Day". 

Clara even had some friends come and join the fun!

The weather was perfect, a little hot in the sun but perfect napping weather in the shade. 
I love it when Clara naps on me.  She is constantly go go go go go these days.  Its nice to have little remnants of the baby she once was.

Today I should be packing the house, but I woke up this morning feeling terrible!  I've been dizzy and nauseous all day.  I was the DD this weekend, so its not from playing to hard and I went to bed at 10:30 so it's not from lack of sleep...I don't have time to be sick so I am going to go ahead and rule that out as well.  
Lets just blame this on it being Monday.

Happy Monday!

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