Friday, July 26, 2013

assault and harassment landlord has been harassing me and my family since Monday night.  

Want to know why?

On Monday our tub had completely stopped draining.  
(I blame my sister, Micheala, aka Chewbacca.)

I had called him the night before (Sunday) and let him know about the tub.  He said he would get a plumber.  That was the last  I heard from him.

On Monday night, at 5 pm, he shows up with a random neighbor.  I let them in, the neighbor introduced himself.  Landlord said nothing.

An hour and a half and two trips in and out of my house later, landlord still hasn't said anything to me.  I was having a dinner that night because my family was visiting, so while he was walking out the door again I said

"Hey (landlords name), can you give me a time on when this will be done?"

His response, "It will get done when it gets done."

My response, "Hey, I'm just trying to plan my night."

He walks out.  (It was more of a jerky saunter)

About half an hour later, I am in the kitchen.  He walks in and corners me.  He began berating and yelling at me, telling me how I have a bad attitude and I need to keep it in check.  He told me that he would rather be having dinner then fixing our tub.  He said I was rude for asking for a time on when it would be finished and that fixing the tub was in fact my responsibility.    

The Mister heard him yelling at me, came in the kitchen, saw what was going on and told him he needed to leave our house right now.   He started screaming about how this is his property and how he didn't have to leave.  So we threatened to call the cops and he bolted for the door.

Now, a few days later, he has sent us threatening letters with false accusations in them.  He has tried and change the lease to say we owe more money and he spends his days sending me harassing text messages.

I literally feel unsafe in my home.

This is my documentation of how our crazy landlord had verbally assaulted me and is continually harassing me.

If I go missing, look no further than the man upstairs.

(Literally, he lives upstairs.)

Happy Freaking Friday!



  1. Quite speechless that he acted like that. I can understand not having the best of moods, but to go as far as harassing you and your family is mind-boggling. While you're in charge of keeping the home functioning, it's a landlord's responsibility to manage concerns if something needs fixing. Glad you're out of there!

  2. Thank you, I wish I could say the nightmare is over, but fact of the matter is he is still messing with us (by withholding our security deposit). At least now he doesn't know where we live, which makes me feel a lot safer!