Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Color Me Bad

Rhiannon and her step sister went to see Justin Bieber last night.  When I picked them up they had no voices and aching feet, which could only mean one thing, 

They had a ridiculously fantastic time.

I am so happy that they have an interest in seeing live music - even though it is not the kind of music I wish they were listening to.   

Do you remember the very first band you saw without your parents being with you?  After thinking about it, I remembered that my first parent free concert wasn't any better than the Biebs....... 

(Hey girls,  {I won't personally call you out on our poor concert going choices}  remember riding around after this show and pulling up right next to these guy's limo?  Remember when they rolled their windows down and we started screaming like banshees?  Good times, good times!)

Happy Humpday! 

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