Monday, June 24, 2013


Today is Rhiannon's last day of 7th grade.
Tomorrow I have to take her to her fathers house for the summer. 
I think that sucks on every single level. 
I want her to stay with me.
Here is her first day and last day of school picture.  She has grown so much!  I think that sucks too, but in a good way.  I can not believe She is going to be in 8th grade next year! 
Please slow down, time!
A fellow blogger in the Chicago area that I follow has had a bit of bad news lately.  She found out one of the twins she is carrying had an omphalocele, which is in the same genre as gastroschisis - which is what Clara had. 
Her case is more severe then what we had and unfortunately she has lost one of her twins.  We got to talking and I had brought to her attention the herbicide Atrazine, which is used heavily in the Midwest and is known to cause both of these terrible birth defects.  It is also banned everywhere except in the good old US of A.  I know for a fact this is what caused Clara's problems.  She is quite sure this is what caused her to lose her baby, too.
This herbicide is not safe in any amount and it NEEDS to be banned.
Please help us by signing the petition. 
Remember, this defect is not prejudice.  It can affect you, your mother, your sister, your wife and your daughters. 
Nobody should have to go through what we did.
Nobody should lose their child before they have a chance to love them like my fellow blogger did.
Sign the petition here.
Read Clara's story here.
Learn more about her story here.
Happy Monday!