Monday, January 7, 2013

Unicorn Power!

Once upon a time, when Rhiannon was three years old, she had contracted a pretty severe case of the flu.  It was on a Friday and I had to take her to her fathers house.  I felt so bad for having to leave her in that condition.  

After I dropped her off, I went to the grocery to buy any and everything I could find to make her comfortable in my absence.  In their dollar video bin there was a movie called "The Last Unicorn."  

Do you remember it?  It is pretty fantastic.  

Just in case you don't remember....

Well as you can imagine, this movie instantly became Rhiannon's favorite thing to watch.  

I mean, come on!  

Magical Sorcerers?  
A giant red, flaming Bull?  
An evil King? 
 A dashing Hero-Man?  

And lets not forget the UNICORNS!  
Lots and lots of wonderful magic filled UNICORNS!  

She loved it so much that she only stopped watching it in 3rd grade.  

I am pretty sure she only stopped because the DVD didn't work anymore.  

Flash forward four years:  Clara is on a serious Ponies/Unicorn kick.

So much that Santa even brought her these wall decals.....

(FYI, These pain in the ass tiny decals took over two hours to execute.)

For Christmas her big sister gave Clara her very own copy of none other then......... 

The Last Mother Trucking Unicorn.

And it has been on repeat pretty much since she got it.

I've watched this movie so much in my lifetime, the entire time I was putting up these wall decals I was singing The Last Unicorn Song.  

(I'm aliiive..... I'm aaaaaah-liiiiiiie-i-ii-iveeeee.)

Oh, you don't know it, you say?  

Do not fear! 

It is by the band 'America" and is so fantastically bad I can't NOT share it with you.  

I think my favorite part is when the squirrel cries about the dying world....

Or when the lions turn into stone after one last roar... 

Or perhaps when the unicorns appear in the clouds.

  How about you? 
Whats YOUR favorite part?


  1. That was my favorite movie growing up! With 4 sisters, we would go through a rotation of who got to pick out the friday night family movie. I chose The Last Unicorn every 5th Friday. I'm sure my sisters and parents were over it after the 3rd or 4th viewing. I got it on dvd for Christmas from my parents 7 years ago. Still have it. :) The scariest part is when the angry bird gets free and attacks her captor, the witch. I love when the unicorns are running in the waves!

    1. And the drunk skeleton!