Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Harriet and Bump

Some of you may remember our beloved Hobbs who passed away two summers ago.  The mister had gotten him while in college, and somehow managed to keep him alive for ten whole years.  

After we moved in together, Rhiannon and I spent countless hours feeding him carrots and playing the "how high can Hobbs jump" game.

(That lizard had some crazy jumping skills.)  

I never in a million years thought I could love a lizard.  However, Hobbs stole my heart almost immediately. 

Here's Hobbs meeting his little sister Clara for the first time.

Now most normal folks would think the Mister picked Hobbs name from the infamous cartoon, Calvin and Hobbes.  If you are one of those people you are WRONG.  He was named after the great Roy Hobs from the book/movie The Natural.

As to keep with The Natural naming tradition and to show tribute to our Hobbs.......

We give to you the newest members of our family!

Harriet and Bump!
(In the movie, Harriet shoots Hobbs before jumping to her death out of a hotel window and Bump dies after running through a wall trying to catch a fly ball.)

These little buggars are the cutest things I have ever seen!  I almost don't mind having live worms in my fridge for them.  


This one is Harriet.  

She is holding true to her namesake by showing a little more dominance over Bump.

When we first brought them home we told Clara that they were called bearded dragons. 

 If she hears anyone call them lizards she is very quick to correct you. "No" she says, "Those are my new Dragon Friends".

We are smitten as kittens over here with our new baby friends!

Welcome to our brood, Harriet and Bump!!!!

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