Tuesday, January 15, 2013


*This is a two part blog.  Both parts are about Cows in some way or the other.

This weekend Rhiannon was going out for a couple of her friends birthdays.  This meant a mall trip for the two of us.  I told the Mister to take Clara and have a daddy/daughter afternoon.  He let Clara decide what they should do and she choose the library.  

Sounds like a fantastic daddy/daughter day, right?

When I came home from dropping Rhiannon off Clara brought over her new books and asked if I would read them to her and daddy.

Sure thing!  

After all she did pick out this book and I think cows are really cute.......

(The Authors name is Malachy.  That should have been my first hint.)

So I open up the book and the first thing I notice is the artwork is just gorgeous.  

(The picture doesn't do it justice.)

Then as I start reading, I notice that the wording is a bit unsavory, if you will.

But as for now I just assume it is just my brain acting like a 12 year old boy and keep reading.

It continues on and I still find the word choices...interesting.  

At this point the Mister and I are trying really hard not to laugh.  

At this point in the book I am officially UNCOMFORTABLE.

(But still, I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt that perhaps I am still just thinking like a 12 year old boy.)

Then this page happens....

I am now 100% convinced that Malachy is having a serious affair with a dairy cow somewhere in South Whales.  

This book will never again be read in this house!

On to normal people things...
Watching the Bulls run down the street during the beginning montage.

Yesterday I got a phone call from the Mister at the end of his workday seeing if we would want to go to the Bulls game that night.

Um, YES!  YES we DO!  

If there is one thing about bulls games I love, it is the fact that we all genuinely enjoy going to them.  It is rare that you find an activity that you, your husband, your 12 yr old and 2 yr old all love. 

Plus, when the Mister gets tickets from the boss-man they are court-side   

You never say no to court-side tickets.  

After her kiss!

Here are a few reasons why.

  • You get to sit really really close to Scottie Pippen.  And that, my friends, is freaking awesome.
  • Benny the Bull will most likely mess with you/your kids.  Last night Benny gave Clara a kiss.  She instantly became love-struck.  It was fantastic.
  • You don't have to leave your seat at all!  You get food and beer delivered right to you!
  • You get a close view of the Loveabulls.  (Yes, I have two girls.  One used to be a cheerleader and one really really likes to do the hand motions with the cheerleaders.)
  • I get to see my most favorite boyfriend (Joakim Noah) up close and personal.  (I love him.  The Mister totally understands though, so it's cool.)
Hello Boyfriend!!!

Happy Tuesday!

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