Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Favorite Snipets

Tonight we were FINALLY able to have Christmas at our house, so the holidays are now ended for us.

Here are some of our favorite parts........

This is what Clara asked from Santa......

Although when we got there Santa made her do this.....

And she forgot to tell him what she wanted........

So instead of asking, she went to bed clutching the picture of "her crying on Santa"........

And woke up to this........

Then, tonight my twelve year old, who refused to tell me or anybody else what she wanted, got this.

And then she cried Bieber Fever tears.  

It was fantastic. 

I'm ending this wonderful holiday with a bottle of champagne I didn't get to drink on New Years and  watching Up with my baby.  

AKA the best movie ever.

Happy New Year, folks.  

(This year I'm going to try not to be so chubby.)


  1. Okay, cutest family ever!! And I love that Clara wanted birthday cake for Christmas!!! LOL

  2. That is awesome!! So cute, looks like u all had a wonderful Christmas!! Love the Bieber fever too!LOL