Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Research

With our oldest daughter leaving town this weekend...... (so she can attend the inaugeration of our President!  A little jealous over here!)   the Mister, the babies and I settled in for a nice relaxing weekend......

Clara found a new place to hide while we play "dinosaurs" in the park

The Mister hung up a shelf... 
(so I can finally have a home for my records!)

The baby made me some delicious food from her kitchen.....

And I did research.

Lots and lots of research.

We recently were told that we have a gluten allergy in our house.  This means, as soon as I have perfected the cooking without any dairy a new wrench has been thrown in to the equation.

But there are bigger problems here besides the food...(see picture above)......

So on Friday we had an impromptu gluten free beer tasting party.  

All of these beers were either gross or just meh'. 

 (As much as I hate using the expression "meh'")

After we get this new diet thing down we have a new task at hand as well.

Home brewing our own gluten free beer.  

Because there is nothing more devastating to a beer snob then to find out you can never have your most favorite beers........ever again. 

If anybody has any fun suggestions about gluten free cooking and beer please feel free to pass that info along this way.  Please and Thank you.

Happy Monday everybody but more importantly....

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. & Inauguration Day!

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