Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack!

I'm not sure why I ever stopped this little project of mine.  I guess life just got...busy.  But I am going to make a conscious effort to continue on at least three times a week.

That being said, we've been super busy.  We moved (again).  But this time I feel like we finally found a home, instead of just a house.  One of the reasons for this is because it is an actual house with absolutely NO shared space.  Its three levels (separation is a good thing sometimes) and it has a yard!  Our very own yard!  This means we can have a real garden this summer which we are all uber excited about.  The baby has gone and grown up on us.  She is walking now, which I think makes life so much easier.  Everyone says it makes life harder but now she can go where ever she wants!  For example, when she wants to go outside, she walks over and picks up her shoes, walks to the door and screams until I take her out.  (She has me trained well.)  Another thing that is amazing about our new neighborhood?  There are 500 parks withen walking distance from us.  We can go to a different park everyday!  Whoo hoo!

We also have some sad news to report, Aunt Codi has finally graduated college and left us to go back down to the dirty south.  :(  We will miss her so much but I am very proud of all she has accomplished since she came.  Good-bye Aunt Codi!

Tomorrow is the misters birthday.  I've been keeping busy tonight making his special birthday cake.  Stay tuned for the next post.  Its content:  How you're never to old for a themed birthday cake!

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