Monday, September 20, 2010


You might think getting eyeglasses from the internet at a discounted price is easy.  However dealing with someone over the phone whom you can barely understand and just duped you makes it not as much fun.

I'm going to love my glasses, if they ever get here, but baby next time I'm just going to go to a store.

Also, if anyone knows how to make these nasty things leave our home I would greatly appreciate it.  The other day one scuttled across the kitchen floor and I almost wet myself.


  1. You didn't go to did you?? That guy is crazy! (Just ask the NYT

    Now I've got the creepy-crawlies b/c of that pic!

  2. I didn't! I went to I love my glasses now that their here. And that picture should give you the creey crawlies! They are SO gross.