Sunday, May 15, 2011


When surprises and birthdays happen together most people tend to think of happy fun things.  The most obvious would be a surprise party.  Or, "Surprise!  I bought you a car!"  The Misters birthday, however, was filled with all sorts of unpleasant surprises.  I'll list them for you in the order that they happened.

SURPRISE!  It's raining and 50 degrees on the day you planned a huge BBQ!

SURPRISE!  Your allergies are going to make you feel like shit ALL day!

SURPRISE!  The bacon I bought three days ago for your birthday breakfast is nowhere to be found which means it probably fell out of the bag and is stinking up the trunk of the car!  (Awesome!) 

SURPRISE!  The basement smells like mildew and that is causing you and your daughter to get sick!  (Although the dehumidifier we got is really helping, thank god.)

SURPRISE!  I'M going to cry on YOUR birthday upon realizing the basement is causing your sicknesses!

SURPRISE!  Your baby is going to puke her lunch of peanut butter and jelly ALL OVER YOU!  (And it will totally be my fault.)

SURPRISE!  All of this will happen to you before noon!

The afternoon was definitely better.  There was delicious beer.

He was able to do what he loves best (doing math equations and making graphs while planning our new bar.)

He opened his present and loved it!  

I made that boy some jumbalaya! 

We ate some of the delicious rice krispie cake I made.

We decided that since his birthday started out so horribly we should give it another try today.  Although the weather wasn't nice again the worked out a lot better for the birthday boy.  He got a watermelon smoothie in bed with all his girls this morning, Bacon & Eggs for breakfast.  We bought a bunch of lumbar and he is now building that bar so we will have it up and ready for the bulls game on friday!

Birthday dinner #2 Homemade artichoke and shrimp pasta and homemade watermelon sorbet.  Yum!

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