Monday, May 23, 2011

Boys Vs Girls

It's baby season again!

This is the time of year when all those baby shower invitations start rolling in.  It seems as though we have been surrounded by babies as of late.

First and foremost, Congratulations is in order to some dear friends of ours that just recently had their little girl.  Yeah Z & J!  I can not wait to make a trip east to see you three!

2.  My cousin came and visited us on friday.  She has 2 boys under  the age of 3 and I was so excited to take Clara to meet them at the park.  She has been showing so much interest in other kids lately and this would be her very first playdate with someone her age!  (I was also excited to catch up with my cousin.)  I learned so many different things about little boys that afternoon and how incredibly different they are then little girls.  Clara had a blast playing with her cousins and everyone thought her and Oliver were twins.

After we chased the ball around the park for a bit the sun decided he had enough work for the day and it became really chilly.  We decided to take the kids back to my place to eat some cake and drink some delicious coffee.  (Every occasion big and small deserves cake and every visit deserves coffee.)

First lesson I learned about the difference between little boys and little girls......

Give a little girl a piece of cake and she will eat it.  There will be a mess involved but thats only because she is trying to shove as much yummy deliciousness in her mouth as quickly as she can.  She will then suck all the frosting off her fingers.

Give a little boy a piece of cake they will shove some in their mouth and then throw it on the floor.  You pick up the cake and tell them, "don't throw it!  just eat it!  mmmm!"  Then they will give you the sweetest smile EVER and take a bite of their cake.  Then they will promptly throw it on the floor again.  Once they are done they will take their dirty hands and wipe them off on your table.

Clara & Oliver

Max & Clara, (learning how to share)

The kids seemed a little restless so we took them to the yard.  Unfortunately for Oliver this was the manliest looking shirt I could find.

But they had fun talking to passerby's and mowing my grass.....

It kind of looks like Oliver is farting in Clara's face here.

It was so great seeing you, Liz!  Come back soon!  (perhaps a beach day?)

On Saturday morning I woke up early threw the girls in the car and trekked down south for Rhiannon's little soon to be brother's baby shower.  It was a wonderful day spent at this beautiful house

Seriously?  It looks straight out of a catalog.  The day was a success!  Many baby presents were to be had as well as laughs.

Thank you Tim and Shelly for letting us use your beautiful home!  (I must also say there were 6 babies at this baby shower.)  (Six!)

After the shower I took the girls to my mothers house.  It was my brother Paul and his beautiful wife Amy's wedding anniversary so she had my little nephew, Layne with her.  I adore my nephew.  His imagination is incredible and it makes every conversation with him exciting.  We spent the afternoon using our shields and swords to dodge the "evil knife throwing tractor" that was plowing the field behind my mom's house.  It was exhausting but we finally won!

We ended the day with baths, peanut butter and apples, and watching the movie Tangled, which I thought was bad and was extremely disappointed in.  But oh well.  It was a lovely weekend and I am just glad I got to see my Mama!

After all that baby time, knife dodging, and cake cleaning I am still convinced that I want a little boy.  Now only to convince the mister.........

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