Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial day to all and Thank You to all the wonderful men and women who have bravely served for our freedom!

The Mister was able to come home from work early in the morning so we spent the whole day together as a family and it couldn't have been more perfect! We decided to bring our teeny grill to the front yard so we could spend the day lounging.

(We bought that giant "Sports Umbrella" from sports authority last year.  It folds up and goes into a bag the size of a folded up lawn chair, (like the one the Mister is sitting on).  I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to frequent places like the beach or do not fare well in the sun, like me. It is amazing.)

The Mister made some delicious corn on the cob, which is a family staple in this house.

Since it was ridiculously humid outside I busted out not one, but two baby pools.  Rhiannon had a great idea for them.

We then just lounged the rest of the afternoon away in our little urban oasis.  Naps were had, discussions took place and Rhiannon and I even got a few games of yahtzee in.  The best part was this all happened outside in the beautiful afternoon.

After nap time we decided to go and check out a carnival that was being held at a school across town.  It was really fun!

Clara rode the Carousel and didn't like it at all!

She started out okay but as you can tell by that facial expression above she was quickly over it.  

Rhiannon wasn't impressed with this ride either,

She did love lots of other ones.  They had the gravity ride (same one that they have every year at the June Jamboree).  She rode that about four times.  Then we went on the ship ride together which is my absolute favorite ride ever!  We ended the carnival fun with one of the scariest rides I have ever been on in my whole entire life.  Let me tell you how it went.

They start off by putting you in a padded cage.  This instantly made me claustrophobic.

This padded cage you're trapped in flips around in a circle.

Then they make the cages go around in an oval really really really quickly which makes your cage spin upside down and all around in circles really really really quickly as well.

I screamed the entire time believing I was about to be thrown into the sky and die in one of the nastiest padded cages in the whole entire world.  Rhiannon, I will never go on anything like that with you again.  Ever.


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