Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ballad of Fuck All

My back decided to go numb right in the middle the other day for absolutely no reason.  I thought, Hey, that's weird and annoying, and didn't think anything else of it.  

Sometimes when people get really stressed out, their bodies do weird things like that.  

Then today I woke up and couldn't walk.  

This just won't do.  

Tomorrow is Halloween, 
Friday Rhiannon is having a bonfire 
and Saturday the Mister is having some stupid man-party.  

My back needs to cut it out.

On Saturday our neighbors threw a huge Halloween party.  Every neighbor on the block was there and we were meeting them all at the same time.  

I went as this.

The Mister was super embarrassed of me.
(He did not dress up.  I told him I was going to tell everyone that he was going as a "Stick in the Mud".)
BUT.....I won the best costume award.
(TAKE THAT stupid stick in the mud Mister,)

They had THE BIGGEST bonfire I'd ever seen.

We learned that our neighbors really like :

the Blackhawks

We have one thing in common.  
I will let you figure out what it is.

AND my makeup held up really well!  I thought for sure I'd look like a hot mess by the end of the night.....especially since I had a ridiculous amount of tequila.

(This is seriously what nightmares are made of.)

 Happy Humpday.  

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  1. Ahhh, hope you feel better soon! I am still trying to find a place to get massages in the SW suburbs that isn't all frill for an exaggerated price or total crap. I need a middle ground.