Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Milk Thistle

We finally have music in our house again!

I've always had a piano in our home.  It was the first thing I bought when Rhiannon and I became a duo.  I can't play much because I have arthritis in my fingers (awesome!) and Rhiannon always lacked the dedication to try and learn.  But, I did manage to teach her the one and only, Heart and Soul, and lots of people I know play beautifully so my piano's have always been used.

    However, the Mister got tired of having to pay to have it moved from our five thousand different apartments. 
So we have been without for the last 4 1/2 years or so.

 I compromised on style and we ended up with an electric piano. 
(Something I said I would never do.) 
This is ironic for two different reasons;

  1.  It's the most expensive piano I ever had.  The most I ever paid for a piano was $100, and that was the very most.  (I had to give the Mister a very hard time about that one.)  There are a lot of really nice piano's available on craigslist for free-if you pick them up.
  2. We just bought this house, so we are not moving anytime soon.  We could have gotten the worlds heaviest piano and it wouldn't of mattered. 
Regardless, last night Rhiannon and I pounded out (quite possibly the worst rendition of) Heart & Soul , while giggling up a storm.  

We then pouted while the Mister sat down and played some beautiful sounding melody he pulled out of thin air. 
(He's never had any training or experience in anything musical.)
Luckily for Clara, she seems to take after her dad.  
(She starts lessons next week.)

Happy Humpday!

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