Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Thought You Were My Boyfriend

On Sunday afternoon Rhiannon and I were bored out of our minds.  We found ourselves gravitating towards the kitchen, chatting.  She told me that she wanted to learn how to become a good cook, like me.  

(Bless her little heart!  I'm going to be honest I melted a little when she said that.)

I explained to her that this didn't come overnight.  That when she was a baby, and I was a vegetarian, we ate lots of meals that were less then sub-par, and in this department, practice really does make perfect.  She asked me to teach her how to cook and my heart melted again.

I said absolutely.
We decided once a week, and to call it "Cooking with Crystal".

With a little help from my old friend Betty, we will start next week.  
I am super excited!

Do you know what else is super exciting? 

 My home state became a little less bigoted, 
a little more equal 
and has taken a big step to take 
a lot more hate out of it.

Congratulations to all my friends who this directly affects.
Love love love love you all!


Happy Humpday!