Monday, October 28, 2013


Every year we go to a pumpkin patch with the girls. 

 This year we went to Bengstons.  
It was by far my favorite Pumpkin patch and one that I felt, for the first time, was worth the money.  

With the exception of the camel and pony rides, everything was included in the admission price.

Including this awesome ride.

I even got my teenager to participate in the ridiculousness.

(That is no small feat!)

Here, Clara is SUPER happy about going on a camel ride.

Rhiannon is not.  
At all.

This is a zombie man puking.  

It was disturbing.  
Rhiannon loved it, of course.

They also had:

A fun *scary barn
a real scary barn
a petting zoo
about 5 different rides
Tons of delicious food
pig races
a band
a giant slide
a corn box
a play place
hay rack rides
and of course, tons of huge awesome pumpkins.

If you have kids, or like doing the pumpkin patch thing, I highly recommend Bengtson's!

Happy Monday!

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