Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And We Danced / Rhiannon is 14!

She is the big 1-4!

Last Thursday, two of her friends and I pulled off an epic surprise party.  I told them to take care of the guest list and  I would take care of the rest.  We prayed for great weather, (and it came!) I bought a ton of food, sodas, a pinata - if you ever been to any of her childhood parties you will get why - and of course an ice cream cake.  Because my crazy child hates cake.

  The weather cooperating was especially helpful because those gals delivered on that guest list, about 40 teenagers!  


A few days before the party I had set up a hair appointment for Rhiannon that was to start right after school.  On our way there I told her The Mister was going to take us to the city for a fancy dinner (something we try to do often).  

She's grown so much this year. I told her we were just going to run to the store to get her a nice outfit and shoes.  I made sure to bring my make up along so she could be completely ready before we got home, because, you know, we were in SUCH a HURRY!  

(I even dressed up to the part, sporting a fancy dress and heels.)

She had NO CLUE I was actually being a big, fat liar.  

Since we were leaving "as soon as we got back" she was dressed up with her make up and hair all done up cute.  

It was fabulous.  She looked fabulous!

She was so surprised when she opened the garage door.  She screamed in terror and looked at me with an expression I will never forget.  

Since today is Rhiannon's official birthday I am dedicating this song to her, and since it is her fourteenth birthday here are fourteen reasons why!

I'm adding where my comments are directed at in the song.

I love you, my most favorite sweetheart!


  1. You probably don't remember, but we used to dance around the house to this song together.  Like, a lot.
  2. 0:01  This looks like a town you would love to end up living in. 
  3. 0:06  Look!  It's The Mister's dream car!  
  4. 0:32  I can see a Drive-In Theater experience complete with a terrible zombie movie being a great night out for you.  
  5. 0:37  Um....That man in the watermelon shirt!  Purely  awesome! I'm going to make us matching ones...and a Melodica, because YES.
  6. 1:10  That lady in the black dress dances JUST LIKE YOUR MOM! (She must be cool.)
  7. 1:20   The band dances like your mom, too.  See?  Proof your mom is cool.....
  8. 1:54    Unintentionally locking your friends in the trunk == another scenario I can see you getting yourself into.  Lucky for you white lightening has that handy glow-in-the-dark trunk release pull!  
  9. 2:47    Old man Hawk Harrelson look-a-like has FAILED at his rescue mission!  
  10. 3:15    That love between the concession stand boy and the girl in the yellow shirt.  Get ready for lots of awkward moments like that!  Lol.  Yay teenage experiences!  
  11.  3:24    Everyone is dancing like your mom now! 
  12. 3:37    Stereotypical motorcycle gang scaring a nerdy boy. 
  13. 3:46     Kicking things usually (wont) solve your problems.  Unless your friends are stuck in the trunk, that is.
  14. 3:53     The zombie party has officially turned into a dance party.  

(For your birthday, obviously!) 
Happy Wednesday 

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