Monday, June 2, 2014

Baseball Wars, Round Two

We live in a house divided.  

It is no secret that I am a HUGE Cubs fan.  I always have been.  (Love you Grandpa!)  I always will be.  The Mister is a huge White Sox fan.  Since before Clara was born, we had been thinking of ways to get her to love our own team.

 Between Wriggly field vs. US Cellular, US Cellular wins at being family friendly with no contest, so that is where we go when we have family baseball outings.  

At first, I thought The Mister would win Clara's baseball loving heart because of this.  I am happy to report, while she was waving her White Sox foam finger the other night, she was also chanting

"GO CUBS, GO!"  

 Keep it up, Clara!  You are making your Mama proud!
Especially when you make faces like that.

You know it's a family friendly place when your teenager AND your preschooler both love it!

Happy Monday!

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