Friday, May 16, 2014

Main Street Market

I needed to get away.

The girls did too. 

The necklaces the girls are wearing here was picked out at one of the booths from Main Street Market.
Clara went with resin roses, Rhiannon went with a native american bust.
 (Unfortunately I don't remember the shops names where we got them.)

One of my dear friends was set to participate in this amazing little festival called Main Street Market in Rockford, Illinois.  

Cuteness abounds.

It was only a two hour drive, the girls and I had never been there before so there was new scenery to experience and we could shop for insanely cute stuff. (see below...)

I'm told this AMAZING painting I got for a steal is in fact "creepy".

I beg to differ.
This dog begs to differ, too.

Insanely cute stuff ==Right up our alley!

It was held at the Midwest Village Museum.  So there were fun artifacts like this hand pumped well.  I told the girls that there was one of these on the farm I grew up on.   They told me " that kind of make's you ancient, Mom."

After Rhiannon showed Clara how this crazy ancient contraption worked she, of course, had to have a try as well.

I'll give you one guess as to what happened.
If you grew up with one of these I bet you already know.
Clara grabbed that handle, pulled down with all of her might and bonked herself really good right on top of her head.  

That pretty much ended the festival fun for us.

However we weren't ready to head home yet.  We asked a local if there was a beach or a lake we could go wander about for a little while.  He sent us to a beach about 10 minutes away.

  We got to the "beach".  
It looked and smelled like a cow pond with some sand around it.  

A cow pond beach they were going to charge $3 a person to go on, mind you.  

Looking for snakes.
Because they want me to have a heart attack.

We said "no thanks" and decided to explore the forest near it instead.

Where the faeries live.
We noticed a TON of large hawks in the area.  After walking into the woods we also noticed there were a TON of chipmunks scuttling about.

I did NOT tell the girls the connection between the hawks and chipmunks.  I did tell this little guy that he needed a better hiding spot.

All in all it was a pretty magical day.

Have a great weekend!

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