Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl who REALLY liked to drink beer.  This duo didn't like to drink just any beer, though, they were more of what you would call "beer snobs".  

If you have ever shared this duo's love of delicious beer, then you will know that it is not a frugal love to have.

One day the boy proposed that they start making their own delicious craft beer at home for only a fraction of the cost.  The girl agreed but secretly didn't think they would make anything drinkable, let alone delicious.  

She was soon put in her place as the duo made many delicious IPA's, Belgium style ales and quite possibly the most delicious Pumpkin Brew known to man.  

Northern Brewer is the company we used the most.
Then one fateful day, the duo was told that one of them had been stricken down with the worst ailment any beer snob could ever receive.  

Celiac Disease.  

What does that mean?
No.  More.  Delicious.  Beer.

Since then, they (we) have been trying other forms of 

"gluten free beer".

Gluten free beer is all terrible.  
So we have moved on to trying different types of mead. 

One in particular has blown us away.
This is a mango black pepper mead.  
It is incredibly delicious.  
It is also $12 a bottle

What exactly goes in mead?
That would be honey, yeast, honey, honey, yeast and then more honey.

Since we don't necessarily want to hand our entire paychecks over for a few delicious drinks we are back at our brewing business. Only now we are trying to recreate this wonderful mango black pepper taste.  We started brewing this over two months ago.  I am hoping we can make delicious mead as easily as we made delicious beer.  Bottling starts next week.

Wish us luck!
Brew baby, brew!

Today is The Mister's birthday!  
If you see him today make sure you give him 32 pinches!

Before we went to bed last night I tried asking him what his favorite song ever was. First he said it was this really shitty rage against the machine song, but he only liked it for one line which he sings in his head while being told what to do by *someone.  (*most likely me.)

The lyric?  
"&;%#$ you I wont do what you tell me!"

I told him I was super embarrassed to be associated with him at the moment and to try again.  I told him he has to like something that wasn't god awful terrible. 

Then he made me listen to Tupac for the next hour.

Happy Birthday Baby!
I love you!!!!

Happy Wednesday!

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