Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Music Break, I'm on Fire

Happy hump day, people.  

Some things bothering me these days.....

  • Knowing I am doing a terrible job at helping my 12 year old figure out how to conquer being 12.
  • My crazy ass dreams that are just out of control and consistent every night.

Things consoling me.......

  • Knowing I am not alone in feeling like a mother who is failing her 12 year old girl. 
  • Knowing I never will have to change a poopy diaper again!  (More on that on Friday)

It's a true story that I hate Bruce Springsteen.  However, this song is definitely in my top 50 all time favorites.

Enjoy the rest of your week people!  

I'm excited for Rhiannon to have her very first Father Daughter dance this weekend.  

(I know she is too!)

Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire by jpdc11

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