Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Preschool!!!/Wednesday Music Break - 39

Today was Clara's first day of preschool.  

She woke up at 6:30 excited as a three year old could be. 

 "I get to go to school today!"  She exclaimed to any and every one that would listen "I get to go to school today!" she said to her big sister.  "Hi dragons!  I'm going to school today!"  "Aww, Buehrle dog!  I'm going to school today!  But you can't come!"  

This is what was coming out of her mouth all morning long.

Well.....I could use four letters to sum up her first school experience.  I'll use four words instead.


She cried the ENTIRE TIME.

For three whole hours she stood in the corner and cried.

I understand that the kids have to figure out the separation from mom and dad.......But I'm not sure why the teachers didn't call me.....oh I don't know, after the first hour and a half.

Seriously people!  

I don't want my baby sobbing in the corner for three freaking hours!


I guess we will try again next week.  If it is a repeat performance, school will have to wait a few more months.  

Okay Freddie Mercury. 

I'm ready for my midweek break now..

Happy Hump Day!

(Is that not the most fabulous outfit you have ever seen?)


  1. Hang in there. It's something new. When you take the bottle away they have to get used to it. When we potty train we have to get used to it. Now you have been there for her through everything. Soon she will see it's ok to be without mommy for a little while. It's probably harder on you than it is on her. Then next problem will be she wants to go and wants you to leave. That hurts you too. There is no winning. Just growing up. Hang in there.

  2. Mikayl had a very hard time in prek. In fact, he only stopped crying when I, um, led him to believe that I waited outside the entire time. Yeah, maybe it was a mom-fail, but it got him to play and have fun. I still couldnt be a room mother, if I was in the room, he sat on my lap the entire time. And, if this makes you feel better (or worse for poor Kayl), I flipped on his teacher because, since Mikayl was too intent on following directions, she thought this would be funny: she left him standing at the sink for ten minutes in order to see if he would wait for her to tell him to sit down. He did. Mama bear came out full force when she told me that!!!

  3. Oh my god, if someone did that to my kid I'd lose it. That is just another form of bullying. I would have gone to that persons boss, because they obviously do not need to be around children!