Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Postcards / A Sunday Smile

I've had a sick kid at home the past two days, and it is all the same to me.  There are some kids at school that have been saying some pretty horrible things about her and to be quite honest, I would rather have her home with me.

I know they are just kids......but nobody should be made to feel like how they have made her feel lately.  I think I'm over with dealing with the over privileged and entitled rich kids.  I don't mind being snubbed by the folks at school functions.   I do mind when it happens to Rhiannon.

I think it might be time to move back with the hippies.  

Yesterday it started sleeting/snowing right after Clara's tumbling class, which ended at 10 A.M.  Every time I looked out the window since then it was coming down harder and faster then before.  While Rhiannon slept away her chest cold, Clara and I dug deep into the art cabinet and found some of my old stamps.

You know how writing letters is, unfortunately, a lost art?  

Well, so is homemade postcards.

However this is a fantastic activity for toddlers to do.  It will definitely put a smile on whomever's face receives it AND your wee one just might get something back.

Have you ever seen a toddler/preschooler receive mail?  

It's better then Christmas   

All it takes is some scrap construction paper and stamps.  

Instant!  Afternoon!  Fun!

(We can't forget daddy!  I think he has so many paintings he could wallpaper his entire office with them!)

Finally when the outside world didn't look like such a white out, we trekked across the street to improve our snow man.  The new Snowman is about 6 foot tall now.  All that snow was PERFECT packing snow!

Have I ever told you how much I love Beirut?  

Seriously.  Instant, beautiful, pure happiness. 

 And he is just so fucking cute.


Happy Hump day!

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  1. Poor Rhiannon. Jealousy is an ugly thing, and girls like her will always have some stupid kids acting out their jealousy. Talent, natural prettiness, and brains cant be bought, no matter how rich one is. Stupid kids. Just so you know, whenever you post a picture of that wonderful girl, I think to myself, "that child radiates a kind of self(its hard to put in words) contentment, confidence, happiness with is something I notice because I want to see that in my kiddos as teens. I hope those dang kids dont take that away. And Im stealing your postcard idea. Message me your address, and Jack will send a postcard to Clara.