Wednesday, September 7, 2011

6th Grade, What?

Okay, seriously.  Where did all the time go to?   


How do I have a beautiful, witty and smart 11 year old SIXTH GRADER?  

I feel old.  

(No, really.)

When I think of Rhiannon I think of her sitting on my parents kitchen table giving G.A. (aka Grandpa) a ridiculously hard time.  

I remember her being so brave with every new adventure in life, and the sass.  Oh she was such a little miss sassy pants.

And now here I am all these years later still so proud of her bravery.  Rhiannon started a brand new school this year.  She was terrified yesterday morning.  I told her to remember to smile.  She told me she couldn't just walk around smiling because it would make her look like the class creep.  (Since when does smiling make you the class creep?)  After school she called me with pure joy in her voice.  She wanted to go hang out with all of her new friends!  And last night she told me she wants to try out for volleyball!!!

Little Miss Rhiannon,  I am so proud of you for growing into such a beautiful young lady.  I am proud you are sassy and witty and brave with every new adventure life offers you.  

Congratulations on such a successful first day of school!

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