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Holiday Shopping Guide: My favorite artists you should know.

I have always been a firm believer in shopping in and supporting small businesses.  

I'm an even bigger advocate in supporting local artists.  

When you buy something from a big box store your product is mass made.  This isn't always a bad thing when you are in the market for things like TV's and such.  However, when it comes to decorating my house and body I tend to look for things with unique flair.  

A one of a kind piece, if you will.  
In step the small mom and pop shops and the local artists.  

When you buy from local shops and artists you are supporting another persons creativity.  You are putting money towards their livelihood, their kids education, their house or food note.  

In return you get a product that has been made with only you in mind.  Something that you can collaborate on as well, tweaking it to your own liking and something that makes the most interesting and unique gifts.  

I am lucky enough to stumble upon some amazing artists in my life. I would love to share them and their work with you now.  

If you are still looking for last minute holiday gifts for loved ones (or yourself!) you should look no further then here!

Adornments by Jessica Louise Lynn
Artist:  Jessica Louise Lynn

I first met Jessica a few years ago while she was in the process of finishing up her M.A. in History.  Since then she has been very busy.  She had a baby, finished her degree and perfected her craft in metalsmithing handmade brass and copper jewelry.  All of Jessica's products are hand cut and made in her home studio.

 Since Rhiannon and I have to spend our summers apart, I usually try and get her a little something right before she has to leave.  At the beginning of last summer I had contacted Jessica to custom make a skyline necklace for Rhiannon.  We  both loved how it turned out, however Rhiannon lost it while traveling on vacation exactly one week later, so I don't even have a picture of it!

One of my favorite pieces Jessica makes is her hand cut Illinois earrings, seen here.

If you like these earrings but large and dangly aren't your thing she also makes them in a mini stud 1/2" version.  You chose your state or country of liking.

Other products I love by Jessica:

Parallel Earrings

Fox brass necklace 

hand-cut animal totem charm

Copper Navajo inspired geometric necklace

Jessica Louise Lynn can be found:

Two Crows Crochet and Cake
Artist:  Christi Williamson

 It's true that I have known Christi my whole life, as we are sisters.  It is also true that almost every single year Christi amazes me with her many hidden talents.  When we were kids my family lived in the middle of the country, in the middle of nowhere.  We were never an overly wealthy family.  Most of our clothes were second hand and all of our toys were modest.  This left us with a lot of time to find ways to entertain ourselves.  My sister usually gravitated towards the kitchen on those long and "boring" days to bake.  I would "help".

(My "helping" was limited to me sitting on the kitchen counter keeping Christi company while she baked delicious treats.  The few times I tried my hand at baking it was a complete and utter failure.)

Here are a few examples of her cake work:

As we have gotten older her talents have grown immensely.  She often is asked to make wedding and other special occasion cakes and treats. And while she isn't working at Sugaree Bakery, located in the heart of Dogtown in St. Louis, you can find her wrangling up her two small children while making the most beautiful hats and crocheted goods.

Unicorn Beanie

Available in Adult-Newborn sizes

Clara, modeling the unicorn hat.
It's seriously her favorite accessory.  

Unicorn Beanie

Newborn Set

Ribbed Beanie with elephant appliqué  

Pom Pom beanie 

Rolled Brim Rose Beanie
Size newborn-adult 

Shell beanie

Every single item is made to order.  
You pick the color and style! 

Two Crow Crochet and Cake can be found at:

Tall Tall Grass
Tinctures and Trinkets
Artist:  Rebecca Schmitt

If you were around the St. Louis music scene in the late 90's you might remember Rebecca as the lead singer in the pop-ska-punk band Pow-Wow Lounge.  

If you were around the Carbondale SIU area in the early to mid 2000's you might remember her intricate and defined style as a painter and mixed media artist.  

If you have been around recently you might know Rebecca for her amazing all natural and organic body products.  

I have been lucky enough to know Rebecca for over half of my life.  She constantly drives me to push the envelope artistically.  She is by far one of my most favorite people and she has once again impressed me with expanding her resume to jewelry artist.

All of Rebecca's products are made in her studio in Vermont.  All pieces are nickle-free and silver plated.  She is also working on an all silver line that will be out soon.

Double Snake Fang Earrings

Quarter Moon Striker Earrings

Fleur-De-Lis ring


Antique Spoon Ring

Snake Fang Necklace


Fleur De Lis Braclet


Quarter Moon Earrings


Snake Fang Earrings

Tall Tall Grass Tinctures and Trinkets can be found:

*All transactions for Tall Tall Grass will be done through PayPal and shipped out whithin the next two business days.

Custom orders may take longer.

A few other Artists I bought from recently:

Fun handmade accessories and unique art

Tinkers Treasures Inc
I've been noticing her work at local art festivals for a few years. I am in love with her painting style.

Sherry's Flower Shoppe
They sell witches balls!

ZHP Creations
I really like the coffee scoop

Josh Merrill Photography

Clear Candle
These were the coolest candles I have seen in some time.  Plus they are refillable and their design never goes away!

And last but not least, I bought our little reindeer friends from these guys:

Fox Hollow Gallery
They don't have a website set up, but I highly recommended checking them out if you ever get a chance.

8820 State Road 56
French Lick, IN


Seriously, Check these guys out! 
So rustic and cute!

Happy Shopping!

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