Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Fairytale of New York

Here is a prime example of why The Mister isn't allowed to buy presents.

This is almost as tall as me.

(We have named it the 1% Mansion.)

The Pogues - A Fairytale Of New York by vince_suelze

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Hi! My name is Helen and i accidently stumbled over yor blogg. I'm 37 years old and from Sweden. I was born with gastroschisis and I managed to survive back in the 70's when they knew nothing about this deffect (2children/year was born with this deffect in Sweden back then) therefore I started to read your blogg and your story about your daughter. This deffect has affected me during life, if you want you are welcome to contact me further. Best wishes/ Helen

  2. Thanks, Helen. It is so nice to meet you! If you want, you should email me at crund_8@yahoo.com. I would love to hear about how this has affected you later in life!

  3. I've sent you a letter :) I started to follow you on my blogg, hope you don't matter. Best wishes, Helen.

  4. I meant; I hope you don't mind :) / Helen

  5. Absolutely! I don't mind at all. I received your email, what a story! I reply after the new year!