Friday, December 6, 2013


 Remember when I was bitching about all the leaves I had to rake out of my front yard last week?  I feel like I need to finish that story.

(Apparently living in a forest doesn't exclude you from leaf raking.  I still don't understand.  Even my dad, who ALWAYS has the best looking yard has never raked up his leaves.  Ever.)

Trip 5,826 to the compost pile.

 Rhiannon came home from school that day and helped me finish up.  While taking the last pile to the compost, these guys stepped out of their little home, in the back of our yard.  

I had seen them about a week before, but I was under the impression they were just passing through looking for food.  I had no idea their home was literally on the edge of our property.  

Rhiannon became really excited and wanted to go over there to "pet" them.  

(She forgot, for a moment, that she is not Snow White and  telecommunication with wild animals is in fact not something she is capable of.)

I told her a firm NO. 

Actually, I told her that they were wild animals and that they had babies with them therefore they would probably attack her.

I went on, telling her if they did attack her, I would jump on our teeny tiny tractor and high tail it to the house.

With or without her.

Then I reminded her of the time the whole family tortured me by taking me here, just so she knew I was serious.

Deer petting zoo in the Wisconsin Dells.
A.K.A. the scariest motherfucking place on earth.

She promised me she wouldn't go near them.  We stuck around the deer long enough for me to take this picture of her in front of our leaf pile.

This is only from the front yard.  
I refuse to rake up the back.
But, from the front we (still!) have the cleanest lawn on the block!

Take that, neighbors!
(Dad would be so proud!)

Have a great weekend!

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