Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Do I Wanna Know?

We only just recently went to get our Christmas tree and such.  
(One thing that is definitely different from our old city apartments to this new suburban life is the size of our ceilings.  Our old tree only fits in the vaulted sun room.)

On our way to the store we thought we would go to the local nursery instead of Home Depot like originally planned.  We got there and found that Christmas had thrown up in the nursery. We ended up staying longer than The Mister or I, (or Clara for that matter) would of liked.

We finally (over an hour later) compromised on a tree and headed to the register.  
Upon coming to the register we heard lots and lots and lots of barking.  

Strange to hear barking in a nursery, right?  
Clara and I went to investigate.

What I saw next broke my heart in a million little pieces.

There were so many puppies.

Row upon row.
Cage upon cage.

And they all looked at you like this.

I've heard of and even seen pictures of puppy mills before, but I had never blindly walked into one.  However I seemed to be the only one it was bothering, given the ten or so other suburban women fawning over the pups.  The Mister walked up a few minutes later and instantly knew what I was feeling.  He asked if we should just return all of our items right now,

I said no feeling like the worlds biggest asshole for supporting their store and we went home.

But I just couldn't stop thinking about them.
Yesterday I went back and pretended to be interested in the puppy on the right.  

(A shar pei-beagle mix that can be yours!  For a little over $1000, that is.)
I played with him and asked about 500 questions about the quality of life they are given while at the store.  After about ten minutes the lady made it very obvious that she was done answering my questions, and to buy or leave.

I felt a little better about letting the puppy get out of his cage and play for a while.  
(I'm going to be honest, my hands took a beating.  I forgot how sharp itty bitty puppy teeth are!)

I guess the point of my story is next time we will be choosing Home Depot.

Oh, and thank god it's Wednesday. 

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? (Official Video) by domino

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