Monday, May 6, 2013


Did you work on your fears this weekend?

She did!

We did as well.  

We went and looked at an old farmhouse this weekend.  

It needs work.  

And by work I mean I would want to tear down at least 5 different walls, it needs a complete kitchen rehab and two bathroom rehabs.  Since I grew up with this guy who can build/make/fix pretty much everything under the sun I see it as a fun challenge.  The Mister, however, just see's it as scary.  Right now we need to see if the foundation is okay, as there were a few scary looking spots.  Lets hope it is something a little tuck-pointing can fix and not something more serious.....

Have you ever been a part of a major house renovation?  
How did that work out for you?  
What were your biggest concerns?
(ex What did you and your partner disagree most on?)

Happy Monday, Folks!

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