Monday, May 13, 2013


Okay, so I know that I am REALLY late to the Instagram party, but I have good reason for that.

I've never had an iPhone  nor have I wanted one.  Instagram finally has let their services be passed on to Samsung users.  


So follow me if you want, and please pass on some info on how you like it/it works.  All I know is it immediately "friend-ed" all of my Facebook contacts (and that is about it.)

The Mister went all out on flowers for Mothers day again this year.  
We then went to what should have been a very lovely brunch.

Unfortunately, Clara didn't get the memo that she was supposed to be nice to us.  

Therefore throughout the whole brunch she whined.....and cried..... and sang loudly..... and spilled orange juice everywhere....... and then whined some more...... did a little crying..... tried to push her sister out of the booth....... cried..... whined......etc.etc.

I forget when the whining phase ends.  
Please tell me it is soon!

The Mister and I were both happy to escape to this........

(Even if I did get scared of a line drive coming towards my head.  Sorry I acted like Daria and shied away from what should have been an easy out, teammates....I'm not used to playing 2nd base!) 

Whether you celebrated Mother's day or not, I hope you enjoyed your gorgeous Sunday!

Happy Monday!

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