Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Drunken Lullaby

Yesterday was the Mister's birthday.
I didn't forget it was his birthday.

I know the day he was born.  
It happens to be the same day we officially started dating. 
Those are both pretty big days in the life of me.

 In my defense, I am terrible with keeping up days during the month.......

Last week I had scheduled for us to look at (5!) different properties last night.

 Like a total jerk of a wife.

However....while looking we found a house that the owners have turned the basement into an Irish style pub.  And it looks exactly like the Irish  pub I was working in when the Mister and I met.

We actually decided to start dating at that pub.....on his birthday.....five years prior to the day.....

To say we freaked out a little bit is an understatement.  
Our Realtor kept using hand gestures to me to tone it down a notch....

(oops!  Sorry Marie!)

The guy who owns the house did the entire renovation himself.  He was very nice and he kind of reminded me of my dad, in the sense that he know what the hell he was doing and talking about when it came to  the whole house and every wire in it.  Besides the basement being really cool (half pub and half kids room - meaning we could drink in our bar alone because none of our friends will be there - unless we can convince you to move out there.....) the rest of the house was completely redone and turnkey as well.

It was definitely NOT in the style we would ever chose, (it was pretty terrible, actually) but bad design choices are things I enjoy fixing.

There are two definite pluses for us where this house is concerned:

It's on 2 acres
It backs to the forest preserve


I am going to be completely honest.  
The forest preserves kind of freak me out.  

I feel completely safe living in the city of Chicago.  

I know what neighborhoods to stick to.  
I know how to use public transportation.  
I know how to avoid dangerous situations and how to keep people from lurking up on me.  

These are all skills I can teach my girls to use as well.  

I can teach them to protect themselves against potential predators  (of the human variety) whilst living in urban areas.  

Do you know what I can't do?  

Teach them to protect themselves from:
-wild raging deer 
-flesh eating birds
and potential human predators hanging out in the forest preserves.  

And that scares the bejesus out of me.  

(Not sure if you've caught on but I'm not really the "outdoorsy" type of gal.)

{Also, if we DO decide to buy this house and we are friends and you come to visit and you have a small dog, don't ever bring it over.  There is an endangered red hawk that decided to nest in one of the tree's and it likes to eat small dogs as a snack.  I'm not making this part up either.  The owner told me some pretty terrible and sad stories.} 

I wonder if it eats chickens as snacks too?

{I've failed (musically) as a parent when it comes to my oldest.  She listens to really bad country and thinks Nickelback is the best artist around. }

{Clara thinks Flogging Molly is the best "Pirate Music" ever.  She asked for it today and has been running around, dancing and crashing into walls like a drunk small person all day.  It makes me happy so I am giving it to you, too.}

Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullaby by hphil_

Happy Humpday!


  1. Ahhh, I totally understand where you are coming from on this! I know what I'm doing when it comes to city life, but any sort of outdoorsy-ness, I should just be left for dead! Gah! But, I'm sure you and your mister can get it all figured out! :) Good luck on the house hunt!

  2. I'm very outdoorsy by doing things like, spending the day at a winery and camping in a fantastic cabin. I enjoy hiking in nature for maybe a 2-4 hour stint as long as bugs don't touch me......This is only going to end well. :)