Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weekend Update!

So I'm a little late but better late then never?

I had an amazingly fun weekend last weekend and haven't had the opportunity to share so I am going to play a little catch up.  First, my two best girlfriends came to visit me.  It was originally for friends thanksgiving, but since that was cancelled it was just for a wonderful relaxing time.

(Here is a nice oldie but forever will be a goodie.  Sorry girls.)

Since critters did this to our home -------------->

 We decided to have our friends thanksgiving at a new place called The Barn & CO.  The Mister and I went there right after it opened and it was horrible!  But we attributed that to it just opening.  In my opinion it was still horrible (really dumb waitress, soso food, etc.)  HOWEVER their mixed cocktails are delicious, they were able to provide us a nice space for a crowd and there was Foosball to keep the youngen occupied.  (Another thing to consider if you ever go here, It is right next to the El so your conversation will be stopped every 5 minutes or so while trains rumble by.)  However we all had a great time seeing each other.

After our dinner we headed back home for a good ol impromptu house party where Rhiannon proceeded to kick all of our asses in Just Dance.  I can't remember the last time I had that much fun.

The next day was all about shopping and I bought not only my wedding shoes, I also was able to find Rhiannon's entire wedding outfit for under the $100 price range.  


Last Wednesday, The Mister, girls and I trekked downtown to see the big Holiday tree light up in Daley Plaza. It was so crowded and both girls were being pushed every which way.  It was an experience I am glad we were able to have but also one we will not be having again!  I think it will be much more fun to go when there are not 5,989,000,000 other people there.  After we left the mob we strolled down Michigan ave and looked at all the pretty lights and window displays........

This one is for my fellow Harry Potter nerds...............

Diagon Alley, anyone???

That is what it made me think of.....

Now to wrap up this ridiculously long blog post I will leave you with three pictures that make me laugh/happy.

For as long as the Mister and I have been together he has been getting AARP cards in the mail.  Even when we have called to inform them he is nowhere near the age to receive it they still send it which I find hilarious.  So imagine my reaction when this came in the mail for him yesterday.  

Oh yes that is a recruitment to a retirement home.  

Sent directly to the Mister.  

We finally caught one!

(Clara is not as amused about this as I am.)

And finally, here is Buehrle at his new home and with his new dog friend, Toby.  He looks so very happy.

This makes me SO very happy.

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