Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nie Nie did it!

Yesterday the mister and I were exhausted.  He had to go to the office in the wee early of the morning and I had such a bout of insomnia I still wasn't asleep by the time he left.  There fore by the time he came home yesterday afternoon the couch was calling both of our names.  So the mister, baby and I all went down into the family room to watch some really bad TV and rest our bones.  After a bit I realized I hadn't heard the baby playing for a while.  

I bolted up and yelled out "Clara!"  only to hear back a high pitched HE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HE giggle.  


This wasn't just a giggle that meant "Just playing Mama!"  It meant....."Yea!  I'm about to get caught!"

Then she ran in and showed us her masterpiece. 

She had found her sisters sparkling thick oil based make up and painted her entire nose and left cheek.  Since it was an oil based thick makeup (I'm not even sure what "big girls" are supposed to use it for) it was AWESOME trying to wash it all off.  Lets just say her face is VERY shiny with leftover sparkles today.

This morning while Clara and I were starting laundry (such a glamorous life we lead...) I heard her saying... 

"Oh no!  Mama!  Nie nie.  Nie "  

Over and over while pointing to a "painting" she left on the wall last night that I missed.  

Blaming her sister that had been at her fathers house since before the holidays.  

Way to throw your sister under the bus, Clara.  I've never been so proud.

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