Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas wishlist

We all have them.  Here is mine.

Record Player

I have had many throughout my years and they all crapped out on me.  I've lived without one for over two years now and I want another.  I have found two that I like.

  1. I really really really want this one.  However the Mister hates all my "old lady crap" sitting everywhere so I doubt this would ever have a chance to enter our home not to mention it would probably just crap out on me anyway.
  2. This little beauty would probably be the best choice simply for the fact I no longer have a cd player anymore either and we could plug an ipod into it.  Best of both my old world and my Misters new technology filled world.  Also its small and that is neat.

Shower Head

Being a renter you have to give up on some things that most women don't want to think of giving up on.  This is especially true in the bathroom area.  Most bathtubs in rentals are about 4 inches deep.  I also have found most garden hose nozzles to be more efficient then the standard shower heads they put in rental bathrooms.  As you can't do anything to change out the tub, shower heads are incredibly easy to replace.  Also, if you save the crappy one, when you move it is as easily to change it back and take your wonderful new shower head with you!  Its like your own personal spa caravan.

I really really want a rain head shower.  Seeing as how I have a toddler it would make more sense to get a handheld.  Luckily I no longer have to choose between the two!   I just need to chose between this one, or this one.  

That is literally all I want for christmas.  Santa Baby, I promise I have been good.  


I must also today say Happy Happy Birthday to my most adorable little Niece, Vera!  Three is a great year.  Now eat lots of cake and jump from couch to couch.

 Don't worry about what Mommy says, just tell her Aunt Crystal says it is okay!

And one more.........Happy Birthday to my Gorgeous little sister, Aryn!  I love you so much!  Make sure you get spoiled rotten today!!!!!

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