Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photobombed II

Lately I have been thinking about of lots and lots of things I want to blog about.  However this weekend is my family's christmas and one of my best friends baby shower that I am hosting, so I have been incredibly busy doing non blogging activities.  Actually the only reason I have time to write this out now is because I am waiting for the UPS man to come before I have to run up down and all around the world again.

Here is the other half of Rhiannon's photobomb.  :)

Speaking of bombs, could someone please bomb my head with some toner?  Hello Yellow!

Clara and I playing peek a boo...

The Mister and I showing our undying romantic love.......

Clara not fully understanding you have to hide your face to play peek a boo....

More awesome droplets...

The Photographer


And my absolute favorite.....Phantom Of The Opera!!!!!!

I Hope All of Your Holiday Preparations are Going Smoothly!

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