Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Dog

Since I chose to live in the Chicago area of the world it is rare that I bitch about the weather.  

From the months of October, November, December, January, February, March and unfortunately most of April we will have bitter cold and winter weather.  

I'm totally okay with this, too.  We are completely stocked with hats, gloves, scarves, snow pants, igloo makers, snow ball makers, sleds etc ect to help get us through the long cold winter.

However, this really is a cruel joke mother nature is playing on us right now.  

There are two times when my kids are pumped to go to school.
  • After summer vacation.
  • After winter break.

This means I have two kids with severe cabin fever who are itching to go back to school.  

Instead, we are having forced snow days where it is to cold to even go outside and play!  

Oh, and the internet and cable went out.

This feels personal, Mother Nature.  

Yesterday was especially brutal.
 Rhiannon was so distraught (upon finding she had no immediate access to the outside world) she said to us, 

"Is this what it was like to live in, like, 1995?"

(Why yes.  Yes it was, Darling.)

 Finally I couldn't take it anymore.
I decided to bring the outdoors in.

You've had a pizza party+snowman building party in the bathtub before, right?  

This is totally normal?

I don't even care.  
This killed about three hours.

The snow was very powdery and not at all good for making snowmen.
Clara did a superb job at misting the snow and took her task very seriously.

(Make it BIGGER mama.  It needs to be BIGGER.  Hold on, hold on.  It needs more misty. There.  That's better. Make it BIGGER mama.  Wait, wait.  More misty...)


Almond eyes, (Because who keeps coal in their house?) Candy Cane nose (those carrots are for supper!) and Candy Cane arms (it was way to cold to go looking for sticks.)

She was very proud of her snowman dog.
Buehrle was incredibly suspicious of him....

So I gave him some to eat as a snack.

And then pizza was had by all!

She had a pizza/tea party with her new friend Snow dog for a good 40 minutes afterwards.  

Thankfully, the internet came back on later last night.
(Phew, that was a close one!  Yea instagram and netflix!)

Happy Freaking Snow Day!


  1. you are creative! i should have done this!!!

  2. Thanks! I hope you guys are staying warm!