Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life In Mono

In her life, Rhiannon had only experienced two actual snow days.  

Remember when we had the blizzard that left over 900 cars stuck and stranded on Lakeshore Drive?

Those were her snow days.
She hated how everyone down south got out of school for dusting's while she had to walk through a foot of snow for seven whole blocks!

Now this year, she has already missed 5 days for extreme cold.  If this continues to be the norm I will have the Mister convinced to move to the northwest in no time.  You all can come visit us in the Redwoods when it gets to cold here in Chicago.

I'll put on a pot of coffee.  
We can watch the whales migrate together.

(*Eyes close, daydreaming starts....NOW!)

Happy Wednesday!

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